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ASFA S-PRO (12 mm) Constant Tension

12 mm bandwidth Constant Tension worm-drive clips are designed to be used primarily in the automotive sector. The main advantage of this clip over the standard Mikalor worm drive is to be found in the spring-loaded insert, fitted on a semi-circular support to the inside of the band.

The use of this spring-loaded insert guarantees constant pressure around the hose and the optimum performance of the clamp in case of variations in temperature, pressure or vibration. For this reason, constant tension worm-drive clips are used mainly with tubes or hoses carrying hot air or on engine refrigeration systems, as clamps used in these applications are subject to expansion and contraction due to frequent changes in temperature. ASFA L CT worm-drive clips are manufactured entirely from stainless steel, thereby ensuring good corrosion resistance. The complete range complies fully with the Directive EU 20032/95/EC.

* The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

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